Asbestos Removal Costs

Asbestos removal costs

Asbestos removal costs can vary widely based on several different factors.

Estimating asbestos removal costs as far as an average amount is very difficult. Like any home improvement project, many different variables will impact the final cost.

Asbestos removal costs are especially hard to pin down, as the exact same job — such as removing 1000 sq. ft. of asbestos popcorn ceilings — could produce vastly different bills depending on what state you live in and the contractor you select for the job.

While we can’t give you a broad estimate that will apply to all removal jobs, we can break down the factors that will impact the final bill.

Asbestos Removal Costs Factors

The nature of the asbestos material to be removed and how much of it there is will be the single biggest factor in determining the ultimate costs to remove asbestos from your home or office.

Asbestos is most dangerous when it is broken apart and disturbed and fibers become airborne. Asbestos removal and remediation companies are required to maintain specialized licensing and equipment designed to capture all airborne fibers.

Large removal jobs that generate significant amounts of airborne fibers are typically the most expensive, and can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Smaller removal or abatement jobs and removal projects which asbestos material can be removed easily without damaging it are often much less expensive, sometimes less than $1,000.

Asbestos Disposal Fees

The state you live in — and the fees charged to dispose of asbestos in landfills — will also have a major impact on the final bill.

Some states only approve a limited number of landfills to handle asbestos material and charge very high fees for any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) dumped there.

While you won’t be directly paying these costs in most cases, the bid you get from a contractor for your asbestos removal will definitely reflect the disposal fees the contractor will be charged.

Asbestos Contractor Availability

Relatively few contractors have the necessary licenses to accept asbestos removal and abatement jobs, which is especially true in smaller states.

Homeowners who live in smaller states or rural areas may have fewer contractors to choose from and get bids from, which can significantly drive up asbestos removal costs.

Contractor costs will also vary widely on a geographic basis for any job as the final bid is often largely determined by labor costs.

The best way to estimate asbestos removal costs is to get as many bids as possible from licensed contractors.

Many states maintain asbestos-related information for homeowners and residents of that state, which often includes a list of approved asbestos contractors that are in good standing.